Taking Credit Cards at Your Government Agency

Two hands holding a credit card

Using credit cards has become a standard in American living. If an organization or merchant does not accept credit cards, then they are often seen as ‘behind the times’. Some governments do not take credit cards, but most agencies provide some way to take credit cards either at the counter, online or both.

Governments providing citizens with the ability to pay using credit cards can be a costly venture if the agency absorbs the credit card fees. In this scenario, all citizens are paying for this option. Some governments opt to use an ecommerce vendor that provides a convenience fee per transaction that is absorbed by citizens if they choose to use their credit card for a transaction. This option saves the government quite a large sum of money, depending on how large the organization is.

As you may or may not know, Oakland County, MI started an initiative called G2G Cloud Solutions that provides credit card and electronic check transactions to government agencies at the counter and/or online.

The premise of this initiative is to reduce the cost of government by sharing technology with other government agencies to benefit all involved.

A special feature of G2G Cloud Solutions is the ‘share back’ program that provides 50% of the net convenience fees collected from your government agency back to you or the funding unit of a court.   For example, we have shared back approximately $1,000 to $20,000 to a government agency within a fiscal year. These funds can be used to improve your government services and technology therefore providing an added benefit to the citizens in your area.

If you are interested in hearing how this initiative would work with your government agency, please feel free to visit the G2G Marketplace.

Author: G2G Marketplace