Strategy to Create a Secure Password

Padlock with Username and Password

Changing passwords IS frustrating, until you develop a “system”. Here is a tip to help you manage your passwords and create an easy to remember secure system.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Think about an important event, catch phase or topic to create your “foundation code”.
    • For example, your favorite saying could be “Happy Monday”.
  2. Add your favorite special character or characters such as “@%”
  3. Add a number such as “2015”.  This creates your foundation code: “@HappyMonday2015%”.
  4. Take the first letter, or a combination of letters, of the website you are connecting to and use this as your prefix to your “foundation code”.
    • For example, if you are connecting to , you would take the first letter of the website and your password would be “A@HappyMonday2015%”.

This now becomes your 18 character password, which is easy to remember and much more secure than “password”.

Here are some interesting stats on how quickly your password can be identified:


Number of characters

Length of time to break your password






1 year



71 quadrillion years


I don’t know about you, but I prefer 71 quadrillion years to 1 year when it comes to having a secure, easy to remember password. Visit this site to test your “potential” password:

Hope this helps! Change your password and stay secure!

Author:  Chris Burrows – Chief Information Security Officer for Oakland County, Michigan