Sharing Innovation Through the G2G Marketplace

Best Practices with Digital Technologies

Sharing as a concept really started in kindergarten for most people and we all soon discovered that it wasn’t easy. Additionally, we are also taught to be innovative at a very early age. How come we didn’t connect the two sooner? Wasn’t “connect the dots” also a part of our kindergarten curriculum?

There are personality traits that make people more adept at sharing, like caring for others or the need to be helpful. There are also personality traits that make people great innovators, like the need to explore or the need to complete a complex problem. However, whatever the traits one possesses, there is a real need to share innovations in today’s high tech world.

Governments today struggle to sustain operations due to dwindling revenue streams. In order to be successful, technology requires significant investments today along with long term investments on the horizon. Some governmental entities have the organizational, foundational and monetary ability to innovate on a regular basis. Others simply do not. How can all governments take advantage of the innovations created from those that can? Sharing innovation is the only way.

The G2G Marketplace is a portal that allows innovation to be shared with governments wherever they may be. The G2G Marketplace was created by Oakland County, Michigan to share best practice documents with all who wish to see the big picture. Access is free to the end user, but the benefits provided are priceless.

Some people are built to share and others are built to innovate. For government technology to prosper in the future, the sharing and innovation lines must come together to be one. Everyone in government today should place their innovations on the table for everyone to benefit.

I think my kindergarten teacher would be proud of what we have accomplished with the G2G Marketplace…maybe I can even connect the dots properly to make the picture clear…perhaps I am asking too much!

Author:  Phil Bertolini – Deputy County Executive & Chief Information Office for Oakland County, Michigan