Eating a Clean Diet and Cyber Security Have a Lot in Common

1) Many people think it is too hard.

2) Many people do not understand it.

3) Implementing it always sounds good but most never start until something bad happens.

Get off your “dupa” and start today. Most likely you will never look like Channing Tatum or have the strength of Gabby Douglas but you will feel better if you replace a Big Mac with a piece of grilled chicken that you made at home the night before. Also, your cyber security posture will improve dramatically with a few small changes as outlined below.

Is it easy? YES. Does it take time? YES. It’s it worth it? YES.

Quick guide to eating a clean diet:

Replace processed foods with lots of grilled meat/fish, eggs and veggies; No bread, milk or fruit

Replace all liquids with Water and/or Black Coffee; Drink 80 oz. of water per day (Yes –you’ll pee a lot)

Cut down on alcohol. 1-2 glasses of red wine for the week (sorry No Beer!)

Try this for 28 days. I guarantee you will feel better and lose 10 lbs. I did this for six weeks and dropped my weight from 191lbs – 173lbs. My waist also shrunk three inches.

Guide to better Cyber Security:

Backup your data every month

Turn auto update on for all your software

Don’t surf the internet with an admin account; Create a standard user account

Use your free PC Security Tools: PC Firewall, Antivirus

Only download software from known good sites

Have different passwords for all your accounts (Password Management)

Be careful using public Wifis

That’s it! What are you waiting for? Get going to a healthier and safer you !!

Author:  Chris Burrows – Chief Information Security Officer for Oakland County, Michigan