Have You Thanked a Public Servant this Week?

What a week! We are celebrating teachers, public safety, and public servants. I can’t think of a group of individuals more deserving of a “pat on the back” than these employees. I hope everyone takes a moment to give thanks not just for the roles they perform that we deem as important, but for the little things they do that make a big impact on our lives.  Sometimes you don’t even realize it…

Ever wonder who picked up that dead squirrel you saw on the road on your way to work?  Thank a highway department employee for that!

Does the person at City Hall remember your dog’s name every year when you go in to renew their license? Thank them for making it a personal experience!

Did a fire fighter help you set up your car seat as a new parent? Thank them for helping you keep your child safe!

Wasn’t that light display in the town center beautiful? Thank your public works department for making your holidays a little brighter!

Remember that time the school called because your child got sick? Who cleaned that up? That’s right, thank your school custodian for that!

It’s easy to take for granted the people that make our life run easier, especially when the media generally only picks up on the negative events. Truth is, there are so many people who are truly passionate about their role in serving the public. It’s those people that I want to salute. It’s those people I consider the heroes!

Happy Public Service Recognition Week!

Here’s a video to pay tribute to those who make a difference:

Author: Tracy Coleman, Sales Executive – Kronos for Public Sector