Fires and Floods – Oh My!

If you worked in government long enough, you have probably lived through government building fires, floods, power outages, chemical spills, etc. During these difficult times you realize: “How do we run our government and IT when our computer, server, networks and communication systems are unavailable?” The good news is we can really help you out in this area.

Introducing the Business Continuity Template for Government

One of the buried treasures or gems if you will in the Best Practices section of the G2G Marketplace web site is the Business Continuity Template for Government. The template is a Word document that can be completed by individual departments and then consolidated for all departments and agencies for a complete Business Continuity Plan for your government. Once completed you can print out copies of the plan (store them off site, in the Cloud or both). Oakland County uses this word template county-wide and updates and tests the plan on a regular basis. Each department completes their own plan which is stored centrally on a simple network drive. It takes some initial thought, planning and time, but it works quite well.

The best part – whether you are a small or large government, using this template will work for you.

When Disaster Strikes You Need a Plan

When disaster strikes a Business Continuity Plan will go a long way in keeping your operations available and you keeping your sanity. I know – I have been through quite a few of these disasters. They happen when you least expect it.

You can get a copy of our Business Continuity Plan Template by logging into the G2G Marketplace website and accessing Best Practices – Business Continuity.

Author: Jim Taylor – Chief Technology Officer for Oakland County, Michigan