Enterprise Architecture is SIMPLE

Well, not exactly. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, Creating an Effective Enterprise Architecture Practice for Government, Enterprise Architecture can mean many things to many people; however the goals of Enterprise Architecture remain the same. Definitely not an easy venture but worthwhile. Enterprise Architecture will result in:

Enterprise Architecture is Simple Better Future Built on Trust

At Oakland County, Michigan, we have created the SIMPLE theme for Enterprise Architecture.  SIMPLE is an acronym that we use to let people know what to expect when engaging with Enterprise Architecture.

Enterprise Architecture is Simple

The “S” is for Standardization. We seek to create and drive standards through the organization to synergize performance and reduce costs by leveraging technologies we already own.

The “I” is for Integration. We ensure all platforms, applications and technologies can work together.

The “M” is for Mindset. An Enterprise Architecture Mindset is something that we look to create throughout IT. It relies of bringing groups of people together who can drive solutions that meet the business, application, technical, security and data goals of the solution.

The “P” is for Process Redesign and Automation. One of the main goals of technology is to remove, redesign or improve manual tasks. Within IT and our government community, we are always looking for ways to improve the way we do business improving our efficiency and satisfaction.

The “L” is for Leverage Investments. Many times, we buy products that we do not fully implement. We leave features on the shelf. In Enterprise Architecture, we strive to use what we already own instead of buying additional tools.

The “E” is for Engagement. Everyone in Oakland County expects Enterprise Architecture to engage.

Whether creating or improving an Enterprise Architecture function, the SIMPLE mantra can help you achieve incredible results and an IT Culture where people are excited, engaged and passionate. In Oakland County, I think about how I can apply SIMPLE every day.

Author: EJ Widun, Enterprise Architect for Oakland County, Michigan