Where is your “Zone”?

Being a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), like any position, has its ups and downs. I was in a security briefing last week when I was discussing how we uncovered a new vulnerability and the steps in which the weakness was exploited. One of the other directors said, “You have a cool job.” Yes, I do but it also keeps me up at night. I find it hard to disconnect from work probably because I read about IT Security daily. I am reading three books now and five more are in my shopping cart. If you haven’t picked up Future Crimes by Marc Goodman, you should (if you want to lose sleep like me). It’s a great read.

This brings me to the topic at hand. Where is your “Zone”? The place where your brilliant ideas pop into your head. My creative juices usually flow while sitting in my outdoor hot tub at night. It’s just me, 104 degrees of bubbling water and the stars. Topics such as “How can we better defend and detect the endpoint?” or “How can I motivate users to think about threats as they perform their job?” Some people go running, fishing or read to get in their zone.

Whether you are a CISO or not, where is your “Zone”?

Author: Chris Burrows – Chief Information Security Officer for Oakland County, Michigan